Internal Halyard Stainless Steel Wire Cable

American Flagpole’s Stainless Steel Wire Cable is a 1/8” Dia. wire strand aircraft cable specially chosen for its combination of high breaking strength, fatigue resistance, flexibility, and extreme corrosion resistance under the harshest exterior environments. Use with internal cable and winch system flagpoles only.

Internal Halyard
Complete Stainless Steel
Wire Cable Assembly

Complete Internal Halyard Assemblies are built upon our 1/8″ Stainless Steel Wire Cable and match the exacting specifications of the original equipment systems shipped with all flagpoles.
The Assembly includes a Stop Sleeve for Winch attachment, a 1″ Drilled Nylon Ball, top Snap Hook Assembly, two Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hooks with Neoprene Covers, Double Eye Swivel, Shackle, Beaded Retainer Sling and Counterweight.

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Internal Halyard Replacement Wire

Replacement Wire Cable Halyard is designed for replacement of old or worn existing wire halyard. The length of cable extends 1′ past the Stop Sleeve to assist in the replacement process. Cable includes a Stop Sleeve for Winch attachment, a 1″ Drilled Nylon Ball and Double Eye Swivel end.

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Internal Halyard Cam Cleat
Rope Assembly

Cam Cleat Rope Assemblies are designed for rope based halyard systems utilizing a Cam Cleat mechanism to secure the Rope Halyard within the flagpole. A stainless steel thimble is attached to one end of the halyard.

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