Halyard For
Internal Systems

American Flagpole offers both Rope and stainless steel Wire cable Internal Systems that are specially designed for the rigorous demands of outdoor flagpole systems.

Wire Halyard System
with Winch

Rope Halyard System
with Cam Cleat

Internal Truck Options

The Internal Truck sits at the top of each flagpole, providing an enclosed pulley system. Internal options include revolving and stationary.

Internal Revolving Truck
Wire Option

Internal Revolving Truck
Rope Option

The Internal Stationary Truck is available as an option on Internal Rope Halyard flagpoles. Contact American Flagpole Customer Service for more information.
Internal Stationary Truck
Rope Option Only

Flagpoles with
Internal Halyards

All Flagpole images show here are made with Internal Halyards. Scroll through the selection and click on your Flagpole of choice.