External Single Stationary
Rope Halyard

The Courtyard Series from American Flagpole offers flagpoles with heights from 15’ to 35’ which are ideal for residential homes, small businesses and commercial complexes.


External Single or Double Revolving
Rope Halyard

The Architectural Elite Series from American Flagpole combines heavy-duty aluminum flagpoles in 20’ – 80’ mounting heights with the highest quality hardware available to the industry today.


Coastal External Single Revolving
Rope Halyard

Years of Engineering, R & D, and Manufacturing experience have merged to create the strongest, most efficient increased wind speed flagpoles in heights up to 60′.


Internal Halyard – Revolving
Wire Cable Halyard
With Winch

The Titan Series from American Flagpole is the perfect choice when your project calls for commercial-grade flagpoles with the extreme security of a heavy-duty cable and winch system. Flagpole heights from 20′ to 80′.


Coastal Internal Revolving
Reinforced with Winch

The Coastal CIRW Series is engineered with an inset reinforced welded door frame. The Coastal CIWW Series unites the simplicity of efficient engineering with an internal halyard winch system.
Both CIRW and CIWW available in heights from 25′ to 60′.

irc-icc monarch-200

Internal Reinforced
with Cam Cleat
or Internal Cam Cleat
Revolving Rope Halyard

The Monarch Series from American Flagpole provides Internal Halyard flagpoles in heights of 20’ to 40’ with the simplicity of a cam cleat and rope halyard system.


External Single Revolving
with Yardarm Rope Halyard

Nautical Single Mast Series offers a nautical theme design incorporating a single shaft and yardarm in mounting heights from 25’ to 80’. 


External Double Revolving
with Yardarm and Gaff Rope Halyard

Nautical Double Mast Series offers the nautical theme flagpole in an offset, double shaft design. Available in heights from 30’ to 80’.


External Single Stationary
Rope Halyard

Outrigger Single Stationary Series from American Flagpole offers wall mounted flagpole options in lengths from 6’ to 20’. Wall Mount design and angle options available.


Vertical Single Stationary
or Vertical Single Revolving
Rope Halyard

Vertical Wall Mount Series provides both Single Stationary and Single Revolving Wall Mount flagpoles in standard heights of 15’ to 35’. Choose from five Aluminum Wall Mount Bracket options.

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