Flagpole Dictionary

Anodized Finish

A colored finish achieved by immersing the material into an acid solution and passing a direct current through the material in such a manner as to form a durable oxide film on the surface of the flagpole shaft. Anodized finish can be attained in clear, black or various shades of bronze. See Powder Paint Finish as alternative.

Beaded Retainer Sling

Beaded Retainer Slings are used to secure the bottom of the flag to the flagpole in Internal Halyard Systems or on large, multi-grommet flags used with both Internal and External Halyard flagpoles.

Bronze Finish

A color of finish which can be achieved through powder coating or anodizing.

Butt Diameter

Diameter at base of pole.

Cam Cleat

Cam Cleats provide a self-locking, cam action mechanism to securely hold the rope inside Internal Halyard flagpoles.


An aluminum casting used on External Halyard flagpoles as an anchoring location for the Rope Halyard. Cleats can be attached to the flagpole, wall, or other desired location. The halyard is wrapped around the cleat to prevent the flag from moving up or down the pole.

Cleat Cover

Cleat Covers are heavy, cast aluminum boxes that provide tamper resistant security for External Halyard flagpoles. Optionss include both Cylinder Lock and Padlock designs.

Collar (Flash Collar)

An aluminum collar that is installed around the bottom of the flagpole. It provides the finishing touch to the installation while protecting the ground sleeve from the elements. Space between the collar and flagpole is sealed to keep water away from the base of the pole and anchorage system.


Counterweights, plastic coated weights incorporated into Internal Halyard systems, are required to assist in the lowering of flags and to ensure the flag hangs and flies properly.

Double Revolving Truck

An assembly that mounts to the top of the flagpole and has a pulley on either side. The assembly includes bearings that allow it to turn with the wind. Only available on external halyard flagpoles. Single revolving is the Industry Standard.

External Halyard

A flagpole system utilizing flagpole trucks with exposed pulleys and rope halyard.


Ball, eagle or other assembly used to finish off the top of your flagpole.


The surface appearance or texture of the flagpole. Options include satin, anodized and thermoset powder paints finishes.


Flagpole extension used on nautical poles on which flags can be displayed. Typically at an angle.

Ground Sleeve

Ground Sleeves are designed for use in Ground Set flagpole installations. Options include galvanized 16 gauge corrugated tube, centering wedges to assist in plumb installations, and steel base plate and 6” lightning spike or PVC Pipe used with smaller flagpole installations.

Ground Set Foundation

A support structure which includes an area of concrete with the ground sleeve properly installed into it. Sizes vary based on pole sizes and locations.

Halyard Cover

Halyard Covers are constructed of half radius aluminum pipe and are designed to be used with Cleat Covers to provide additional security on External Halyard flagpoles

Internal Halyard

A flagpole system enclosing either rope or wire halyard inside the flagpole behind the security of a lockable access door.


Most popular in coastal and marine settings, Nautical designs utilize horizontal yardarms and optional angled gaffs to allow for the flying of multiple flags.

Ornament (Finial)

Ball, eagle or other assembly used to finish off the top of your flagpole.


An angled, wall mounted flagpole design.

Powder Paint Finish

Electrostatically applied polyester or urethane powder that is oven cured to form a dry and durable finish.

Satin Finish

A natural, brushed aluminum finish achieved by a multi-pass, mechanical rotary sanding operation utilizing specially formulated abrasives.

Shoe Base Foundation

A support structure which normally includes a set of anchor bolts embedded into an area of concrete. A shoe base flagpole utilizes a welded base casting sitting over the anchor bolts and held in place with nuts, flat washers and lock washers.

Single Revolving Truck

Is an assembly that mounts to the top of the flagpole and has a pulley on one side. The assembly includes bearings that allow it to turn with the wind. Single revolving is the Industry Standard.

Snap Hook

A metal attachment hook used to attach flags to rope or wire halyards.

Snap Hook Assembly

This Assembly consists of 12” of 1/8” stainless steel wire cable, Stop Sleeves (attached to each end), a Wire Clamp and Chrome Plated Bronze Snap Hook. They are used to attach large, multi-grommeted flags or when flying multiple flags on Internal Wire Halyard flagpoles.

Snap Hook Cover

Neoprene covers surround the snap hook, providing wear protection and noise reduction.

Stationary Truck

A pulley assembly that mounts to the top of the flagpole with set screws. This system is more economical and requires less maintenance than revolving styles.


The flagpole Truck sites at the top of each flagpole, providing a pulley system for raising and lowering the flag.

Vertical Wall Mounted Flagpole

Typically an External Halyard Flagpole that is mounted to the side of a building vertically, using fabricated brackets which bolt to the structure.

Wall Thickness

Thickness of the aluminum tubing used. This varies based on wind requirements and pole size.


Mechanism using gears and manual crank handles to provide a secure means of manually raising and lowering the flag in Internal Wire Cable Halyard flagpoles.

Yard Arm

A horizontal tapered spar that is attached to the flagpole at some position above ground. Used on Nautical Single and Double Mast Flagpoles to create a nautical feature that can be used to fly multiple flags.