Powder Paint Finish

American Flagpole combines state-of-the-art, on-site Powder Coating operations with the highest quality polyester thermoset powders.

Unlimited Colors

Simply provide an RAL color number or color chip sample and American Flagpole can provide the perfect Powder Paint Color for your next project.


Sample Colors

BZ – Clear
FINISH-BH-580x580BH – White
BA – Black

EP – Sparkle Silver
BE – Gray
BV – Dark Green

BN – Light Bronze
BO – Medium Bronze
The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) provides classifications for powder coatings which are industry recognized standards for testing and performance. AAMA 2604 coatings, known as Super Durable, are formulated with advanced polyester resin technology that utilizes higher performance pigments. Qualities include superior gloss, color retention and weathering capabilities, better exterior durability and UV resistance, and highly resistant scratching, chipping and peeling characteristics.
American Flagpole warrants its factory-applied powder coatings against cracking, peeling or excessive fading due to normal climatic exposure for a period of FIVE YEARS from the date of shipment.
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