Halyard – Polypropylene, Nylon, Wire Center


External Rope Halyard

External Rope Halyards are available in various size and material specifications to meet the requirements of your flagpole application. All are braided, multifilament styles, containing a smooth and rounded form perfect for use in flagpole pulley applications.

Polypropylene Halyard

Lightweight, waterproof, and flexible, Polypropylene provides an economical rope halyard that has good resistance to abrasion and outdoor environments.


Nylon Halyard

Combining elasticity, rot and UV resistance, and the ability to more efficiently absorb shock loads, Nylon Halyard provides superior strength and a high resistance to abrasion.

Wire Center Halyard

The strongest of the External Rope Halyard family, Wire Halyard greatly reduces the chance of halyard failure by adding the security of a multi-stranded cable inside a Polypropylene or Nylon shell.



Spools of Polypropylene, Nylon and Wire Center Rope Halyard are available. Contact American Flagpole Customer Service for bulk spool pricing.